Women’s Research in STEM Showcase: Meet the Scientists – Part Two

What do monkeys, electrons, and pharmacology all have to do with one another? They’re all topics at our upcoming Showcase where the following ladies will be presenting their work on such subjects!

BY: Mikaela Dunkin

Marcy Weber

Marcy is a PhD candidate in the Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences (IDPAS).

She studies relationships between energy, hormones, parasites and behavior in gray langur monkeys in Sri Lanka, in order to understand how social status influences reproductive costs in both humans and monkeys. Marcy also loves cats and knitting her own socks and sweaters.

Amani M. Ebrahim

Amani is a PhD student in Chemical and Molecular Engineering at Stony Brook University. Her research is focused on the synthesis, functionalization and characterization of decontamination materials using complimentary spectroscopic and scattering techniques.

In her free time, she engages with the community whether it be through mentoring, tutoring or networking events through ASAP, BWIS, WISE, NYAS or other great groups. She believes that these platforms create a strong community that enables and brings together a group of devoted people from various backgrounds that can share good times and contribute to the overarching goal of bringing together science and the community.

Contact her at: amani.ebrahim@stonybrook.edu
Or check out her group website: https://www.bnl.gov/chemistry/SDAN/index.php

Danielle Cervasio

Danielle is a Pharmacology PhD student doing her thesis work in the lab of Dr. Scott Laughlin. She is interested in using organic chemistry to create chemical probes for glial cells called astrocytes in order to develop tools to better study neural connections.

Although she was raised in Queens, NY; Danielle enjoys hiking and backpacking throughout the country, as well as reading, and drinking wine with friends.

Lab link: laughlinlab.com
Personal blog: phdcervs.home.blog
Twitter & Instagram: @phdcervs

Irina Petrushina

Irina is a PhD candidate in the Physics and Astronomy Department and she is currently doing research at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Her work is focused on the commissioning of the Coherent electron Cooling (CeC) Proof of Principle experiment, with an emphasis on the Superconducting Radiofrequency (SRF) system for the CeC. Her research interests include all aspects of RF superconductivity for accelerators and the potential medical applications of accelerators.

Curious about their research? Come to the Women’s Research in STEM Showcase on April 4thto learn more!

Author: sbugwise

We are the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group at Stony Brook University and we are dedicated to supporting women in STEM fields.

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