Spring 2019 Showcase: Meet Dr. Carol A. Carter

A part of the upcoming Women’s Research in STEM Showcase, includes a panel of women professors who are prepared to talk about being a women in STEM and answer questions from the audience. We wanted to introduce our panelists and therefore say hello to Dr. Carol Carter of Stony Brook University.

EDUCATION: B.S. from City College of New York;
M.Ph. from Yale University;
Ph.D. from Yale University
CURRENT POSITION: Professor of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology at Stony Brook University

CURRENT RESEARCH: Infections caused by HIV and other viruses; anti-viral drug development; cellular protein trafficking

FUTURE GOALS: Translation of basic science discoveries to clinical use

Who got you interested in your field? Is there a story involved?

A great story!  See article in The Scientist, May 2015 (Link).

Yale admitted undergraduate women in 1969, around the same time you earned your Ph.D. What was it like watching women become more welcome to academia?

Quite amazing to witness!  I was asked to serve as a
Graduate Fellow at one of the Yale undergrad colleges to
help the women & men in the incoming class
of 1969 Freshman “break the ice”.

Let’s say you’re having a rough week, what do you do or think to keep yourself going?

I like to take a walk on the boardwalk at a local beach,
call up a friend, or cook something.

What tips or advice for young women scientists in your field?

My advice is to collaborate broadly with other scientists,
both men and women. It is important to maintain perspective
at all costs and keep a look out for what could be a “silver lining”.

Author: sbugwise

We are the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group at Stony Brook University and we are dedicated to supporting women in STEM fields.

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