2020-2021 Executive Board


Caitlyn Cardetti

Caitlyn is a Ph.D. candidate in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. She is studying mitochondrial RNA processing in Dr. Daniel Bogenhagen’s lab. Outside of lab, she enjoys being on the trails whether that’s running or hiking, yoga, and reading. This is her second year as GWISE President and she has previously served in social media and event coordinator roles.

Cristina Mata
Vice President

Cristina is a 2nd year PhD student in the Computer Vision lab, advised by Michael Ryoo. Her research interests lie broadly in computer vision with a focus on video understanding and its applications to content moderation. She also serves as President of Computer Science Graduate Student Organization at Stony Brook University (CS GSO), where she strives to foster connections and support systems within the graduate student community.

Cynthia Converso

Cynthia is a PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She is interested in understanding how DNA sequence plays a role in relaying which genes should be actively read or silenced. She joined GWISE because being a part of a community of like-minded and determined women is empowering and she would like to give that sense of belonging and deserving to others like her. 

Jiayang Yan

Jiayang is a PhD student in Physics. Her project focuses on getting a collider-quality accelerated electron beam using a method called beam-induced ionization injection (BIII), in which the accelerated beam is ionized by the space charge field of the drive beam then trapped and accelerated at the back of the plasma bubble. She likes traveling and has recently started to learn to ski.

Roshni Patil
Event Coordinator

Roshni is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in the Physics and Astronomy Department. She works in the Plasma Accelerator Laboratory under the supervision of Professor Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi on developing laser-plasma wakefield accelerators. She loves animals and enjoys swimming, running, biking, and exploring new places.

Renee (Ruiyan) Liu
Event Coordinator

Renee is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is part of the Optoelectronics group.

Stephanie Taboada
External Affairs

Stephanie is pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Stony Brook University under the guidance of Dr. Devinder Mahajan and Dr. Jose Rodriguez. She is currently optimizing catalysts for the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) through carbon dioxide hydrogenation as well as RNG utilization for the production of synthesis gas via dry reforming of methane. In her spare time, she enjoys salsa dancing, reading, going to the gym, and traveling.

Greeshma Balabhadra
Technical Coordinator

Greeshma is a 2nd year PhD student in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Her research focuses on high frequency trading data identifying volatility patterns and their predictive performance using deep learning methods. She runs our Google Groups account where she sends out monthly newsletters and event reminders.

Kennelia Mellanson
Technical Coordinator

Kennelia is a 4th year PhD candidate in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. She runs our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Shruti Iyer
WISE Mentorship Coordinator 

Shruti is currently a PhD Candidate in the McCombie Lab at the Cold Spring Harbor Genome Center, where she uses Long-Read Sequencing technologies to gain insight into complex human diseases like cancer and neuropsychiatric disorders. Shruti is also a United Technologies STEM U mentor as part of the Global STEM Alliance by the New York Academy of Sciences. She loves to travel, writes short stories and poetry, enjoys the theatre, and is a major foodie! Shruti is returning to her role as GWiSE’s mentorship coordinator with WISE from last year.

Alexia Smith
WISE Mentorship Coordinator 

Alexia is a PhD candidate in the Boros lab where she studies the chemistry behind molecular imaging with lanthanides and radiometals, with the application toward novel cancer imaging and treatment strategies. She is an advocate for graduate student mental health, and strong mentor-mentee relationships.

Elizabeth Inman
Website and Blog Administrator

Liz is a third year Ph.D. student in Social/Health Psychology. A member of the SPICE lab, she studies intimate partner violence and sexual/reproductive well-being. Liz is originally from Massachusetts and enjoys dancing, cooking, and playing with her kitten, Gloria Estefan-Steinem (Glo for short).

Shreyoshi Chakraborti
Blogging Team

Shreyoshi is a third year PhD student in Biochemistry and Structural Biology. She studies the biochemical aspects of cholesterol catabolism by Tb bacteria and finding out novel targets to inhibit virulence and infection of Mtb.

Veena Krish
Blogging Team

Veena is a PhD student in Computer Science. She studies the security of machine learning systems, especially those applied to emerging medical technologies. One of her favorite things to do on LI is to spend hours browsing Book Revue in Huntington.

Payal Mehta
Blogging Team

Payal is a Master’s candidate in Computer Science and is expected to graduate December 2020.

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