Funding opportunities for graduate students with disabilities

By: Kate Corbin

Following up on our last post, here are potential funding opportunities for graduate students with disabilities.
Note: These resources were collected and summarized with Stony Brook University graduate students in mind. Your results may vary.

Turner Fellowship, Turner Dissertation Fellowship
Your department can put you in for a Turner Fellowship during admission. Alternately, if you have not received Turner funding in the past, your department can nominate you for a Turner Dissertation Fellowship for the last 1-2 years of your PhD. Grad students in any field of study are eligible for a Turner. Masters students may also be eligible upon admission as long as their department is footing part of the student’s bill. In addition to funding, this program has tons of professional development and enrichment activities through the Center for Inclusive Education.

1-5 years of NIH funding, from NIGMS (or another institute). The diversity form of the grant specifically funds people from underrepresented ethnic minorities (listed) or with disability. For students working in “basic biomedical sciences.”

NIH funded program that involves both funding and enrichment. For students in “biological and biomedical sciences”

NIH Diversity Supplement
If you have a PI funding you through an NIH grant, your PI can apply for supplemental funding for you, a diverse student, thus freeing up more grant dollars for cool science stuff.

Foundation for Science and Disability Student Award Program
Awards of $1000 each for projects in any field of Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Technology, or Engineering. Can be used for assistive devices as well as research. United States citizens only.

NSF graduate research fellowships provide support for 3 years to students pursuing STEM fields. The GRFP (purportedly) prioritizes applicants with disabilities. US Citizens only.

Author: sbugwise

We are the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group at Stony Brook University and we are dedicated to supporting women in STEM fields.

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