How to Curate your Instagram for Daily Empowerment

By: Jessica Lioy

This week, GWISE blog contributor and Genetics PhD student Jessica shares her tips for a more positive and empowering Instagram feed

Sometimes you need a little sense of encouragement or empowerment to get through the day. I for one am absolutely one of those people who needs a little reminder at times that I am strong, capable, and obviously fabulous.  

I have found a simple way to boost my mood and encourage me when I’m in need of a little reminder. I have found an incredible community of Instagram accounts all over the world, which post little quotes and memes I relate to all too well. And if someone is posting about it, I am clearly not alone in my struggle. 

I feel these accounts give me a tiny bit of comfort, encouragement, and even a good laugh at times. They provide a moment where I feel okay, distract my mind, which allows me to reset and deal with whatever I need. For me, these accounts provide a weird form of therapeutic support without too much time or effort. In these brief scrolling moments I break away from my chaos and they have helped me more than I previously realized. I later realized I follow many empowering accounts that do not fit the standard empowerment label. These accounts do not have to be female empowerment themed to be beneficial to your mental health. Even funny ones relating to being a pet parent or your major can make you feel good and understood. Find accounts that are relatable to you! 

The following accounts I want to share with you are all female empowering themed because we’re all about some female love and inspiration here. I encourage you to check out these accounts, scroll through and make a collection of your own. My collection consists of hoarding memes and quotes on my phone to scroll through and share with my friends when needed. You can create your own collection however you want, maybe on Pinterest or make a journal! 

Empowering accounts:

  1. @Bossbabecorner

On their page you will find mostly quotes. They also offer various opportunities for followers such as partnerships, promotions and collaborations with different blogs. The page even has a website where you can buy merchandise, check out their boutique and sign up for their masterclasses. They have a sister account as well; @bossbabeaffirm

  1. @Womenempowermentcorner

This account’s new feed consists of both motivational and inspirational quotes. Their theme is all about “promoting women empowerment”. They are also a business account linked to many other pro-women pages offering E-books and blogs you can follow. 

  1. @Herincrediblemindset

On their page you will find inspiring, motivating and empowering quotes, all on cute pink and white backgrounds. Their bio states they are “supporting and helping you unlock your fullest potential.” This particular account also has a sister account (@herdailywords) you can follow. 

  1. @Girlsbuildingempires

This community is all about motivation and education. They claim to be the number one community for ambitious women, but I will leave that up to you to decide. They share both quotes and memes, funny and serious. Some of these posts are more of an informative meme style, which I have grown to appreciate. 

I hope this list inspired you to create your own empowerment timeline!

Author: sbugwise

We are the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group at Stony Brook University and we are dedicated to supporting women in STEM fields.

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