Eboard Interview: Meet Eunice Kim!

NAME: Eunice Kim
EDUCATION: B.A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Berkeley; currently in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Ph.D. Program at Stony Brook
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Ciliogenesis, Developmental Biology
CURRENT RESEARCH: I currently study two proteins, ciBAR 1 and 2, which play integral roles in vesicular trafficking in the context of ciliogenesis. A better understanding of their functions in cilia formation may eventually help in the development of therapeutic strategies to target cilia-related diseases in the future.
FUTURE GOALS: My current goal is to do a postdoc after completing my Ph.D.. I also hope to further science communication by writing science articles and books tailored to the public in the future. Siddhartha Mukherjee’s books, especially The Emperor of All Maladies, led me to take more science courses in college. I wish my writing can instill the same desire to learn more about the world around us in other people as Mukherjee’s writing has done for me. 

Why did you want to be a part of GWiSE?
I hope that being involved with GWISE throughout my time at Stony Brook will allow me to develop as a scientist and mentor, as well as get to know other people studying different disciplines and fields outside my department.

What/who got you interested in your field? 
I went to college thinking that I would be a history major, but my interest in history fueled my interest in delving deeper into biology–it might seem a little odd, but there are a lot of parallels between these two fields, and I was really intrigued by how biology, like history, is a lot more nuanced than a simple linear chain of chronological events. That first genetics class I took in college, as well as Siddhartha Mukherjee’s book The Emperor of All Maladies, led me to take other science courses and helped develop my interest in pursuing research. 

When did you know you were interested in pursuing a degree in science/engineering? 
I realized that I was interested in pursuing a higher degree related to biology after doing research and volunteering at an entomology museum as an undergraduate.

What do you think needs to happen for there to be more women in science/engineering?
Two key issues that need to be addressed first are the gender wage gap and work benefits (maternal/paternal leave, for example) for women in both industry and academia.

Favorite way to spend a free day:
Toast a bagel, make tea, and crack open a book or binge watch a TV show.

If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with the free time?
Read, take up cross-stitching or learning German

Name one thing you started in the last year that you are glad you did and why
Waking up early enough to see the sunrise! I get to see the sun rise AND have first dibs on the bathroom.

If your childhood had a smell, what would it be? 
Baked apples, freshly cut grass and new asphalt

Author: sbugwise

We are the Graduate Women in Science and Engineering group at Stony Brook University and we are dedicated to supporting women in STEM fields.

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